Cricket Live


Cricket Live is a New Zealand based non-profit organisation with the vision to use cricket as a medium to change the lives of children from slum areas in India and Sri Lanka. ​


The Cricket Live Development and Education Centres will be set up in India and Sri Lanka to give underprivilidged children an opportunity to further themselves not only as as cricketers but as young adults; an opportunity that they would not otherwise have. The Cricket Live program recognises that children at such an age, and taking their environment into account, require sport to help shape their lives. We, at Cricket Live, want to use cricket to teach these children important life skills such as leadership, team-work, social etiquette and healthy living.


Cricket Live relies heavily on sponsor support and volunteers - you don't have to be a cricketer to get involved! Please contact us to see how you can contribute to change the lives of others.

To establish and develop the Cricket Live centres, sponsor support will be required. Corporate sponsor support will be required to assist financially with infrastructure and working capital.

The long term venture is to form a sub-Continent club to which individuals will be offered the opportunity to both join and in particular, where deemed appropriate, participate as a volunteer coach, teacher, mentor or module manager. This will be on a basis similar to Volunteer Services Abroad. For those individuals with a passion for the game of cricket, or a love for humanity, many lives can be changed by any form of donation.